Wish you could afford a big advertising idea? You can.

'Big' need not refer to the advertising budget. It's a David and Goliath attitude. The Yorkshire Terrier that tells the Rottweiler where to get off.

Big ideas are simple, confident, original and enduring. Above all they say, scream or whisper LOOK AT ME.

Big ideas are as necessary to small press ads or local business brochures, as they are to national TV campaigns.

Attention- seeking alone is not enough. The message must be relevant, compelling and guess what? It must sell.

Charles Saatchi once summoned me into his office for a dressing down. He asked me what I thought my job was. Nonplussed, I replied that I was an advertising copywriter. 'I am a salesman' was his reply. Ouch. Lesson learnt.

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